Sam you are so amazing and super sweet! You made me feel so comfortable and so welcomed. You made my experience back at the gym so fun and made me feel confident during my time with you! You went out of your way to make sure that I knew and felt ready to go to the gym alone. You pushed me in the best ways and you made training so much fun! I thank you so much for your experience thank you for going out of your way and for making me feel so comfortable!

Glendy Berduo, 1:1 client (06/22/2022)

Sam is a great trainer and even a greater friend. I am so glad and thankful that I get to train with Sam because he will motivate and push you towards meeting your goals. He always encourages us to do more, to the point where it’s surprising to see how much we really have in us. It’s honestly such a confidence booster. He always has such an uplifting and hype personality which is great to be around in the gym. I have seen so much improvement within myself, not only physically but also mentally. I am so excited to keep training with Sam in 2022, can’t wait!!!! LOVE YOU SAM

Renata Martinez, 1:1 client (12/15/2021)

Well, over the years I have always wanted to get involved with the fitness life but I never really know where to start or how to start, I was also scared because I didn’t want to make a fool of myself in the gym because I had no idea what I’m doing. When I started this program I knew from the start that I was in good hands because Sam wasn’t only pushing me to try my best but he was also being my friend at the same time. My main goal was to lose weight and build endurance and all I can say is that I definitely achieved those goals with Sam’s help. I have no only lost a few pounds but I have also gotten more comfortable with going to the gym and feeling like a better version of myself! Sam is both an amazing trainer and friend.

Tamara Martinez,1:1 client (12/15/2021)

Overall loved everything, I was super happy with the outcome and I will continue to use it when I go to the gym or just feel like doing it at home with my personal equipment

Rebeca Belen, 5-Day Split user (6/07/2021)

Throughout the 8 weeks Samuel was very responsive and was able to keep track on everything throughout the work outs. He was very helpful and informative of the workouts and food/diets. The biggest thing was how flexible he was during the program, if I needed to change a workout or a diet he is willing to work with you in order to meet your needs and whatever is best for you. Not only does he help with workout routines he also puts in other factors into consideration such as, work, school, and most importantly your mental health. Although Samuel is inexperienced he certainly makes up for it by putting in more work and effort to give out the best workout routine and diet. So far my stamina and strength have increased making life a little bit easier. His workout routine for me has never been boring in fact it keeps me up on my feet. Samuel will work at your pace and makes sure that you have the best experience with his workouts.

Lynda Ho, 1:1 client (8/16/2020)

I definitely thought I was unfit before working with you and over time I noticed small changes in my mood or even my body. I started noticing that I could do more reps or that my soreness was going away, I definitely became passionate about working out and started looking forward to going to the gym (something that rarely happened) and became more interested in bettering myself. I am definitely strong now and plan on getting even stronger so thank you for everything ! 🙂

Luz Corral, 1:1 client (5/10/2020)