Free Workout Plans

Here is where I provide my free workout plans to help start your journey!

It is recommended that you download the training plans as a PDF in order to access the embedded links included.

Although these plans being free, I ask of you to please give proper credit to me if you begin using them. Thank you for your cooperation!

At-Home Full Body Training Plan

Follow a solid workout routine in the comfort of your own home! Minimal equipment needed

Bodyweight Pull up Progression Training Plan

A workout routine that helps you reach your first pull up; Minimal equipment needed

PPL 5 Day Split Training Plan

A full 5 day split workout routine to follow that works all body-parts 2x a week; Equipment needed

Basic Calisthenics Full Body Training Plan

This Calisthenics based full body workout will target all muscle groups solely from using your bodyweight for resistance. Use this program to structure your own routine. Use the variations of each push, pull, and leg exercises to maintain variation and new resistance. Minimal equipment needed

Calisthenics Training Plan Example

This is how I personally set up the routine that best fits my goals and current fitness level; i’m providing this so you can get an idea of how you can set up your program or simply follow a specific program. Don’t stay fixated with these exercises, you can always/should always change them up every now and then.

Full Body cardio-focused Training plan

This training is cardio-focused in aim for weight loss (fat loss), and can be done anywhere! You determine the effectiveness of this workout by how intense you decide to perform the exercises, I recommend doing them HIIT style; 30s ON, 30s OFF. No equipment needed.

[Light Version] Full Body cardio-focused Training Plan
[Hard Version] Full Body cardio-focused Training Plan

Full Body cardio-focused Workout Program V.2

This is my new version of the Full Body cardio-focused workout with new exercises! No equipment needed.

[Light Version] Full Body cardio-focused Workout Program V.2
[Hard Version] Full Body cardio-focused Workout Program V.2

My Training Plan (Outdated)
Full body split (2x/week)

This is my personal training program, which you can use to make your own or even follow yourself! I have specific goals that spread between endurance and strength type training, so this program covers most principles in order to best optimize my sessions to progress in those aspects.

Samuel Navarro is not a certified personal trainer or a nutritionist, his knowledge is based on personal experience and personal research. Therefore, you assume full responsibility for consulting a qualified health professional regarding health conditions or concerns, and nutritional advice before using the content on this site. Samuel Navarro will not assume any liability for direct or indirect losses or damages that may result from the use of information contained in this program. You are ultimately responsible for all decisions pertaining to your health. Thank you!

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