Bundle Pack

Get all splits in one pack!



This pack compiles all of the training splits available, including 2,3,4,5, and 6-day splits. This is for anyone who wants to be able to change up their training split at any time and better accommodate their training to their schedule.

Training Splits

Additional: Cardio & Abs

You will be working each muscle group 2x/week for maximum results.

6-Day Split

Push 1 – Chest/Triceps/Shoulders

Pull 1 – Back/Biceps/Rear Delts

Legs 1 – Quads/Glutes/Hamstrings/Calves

Push 2 – Chest/Triceps/Shoulders

Pull 2 – Back/Biceps/Rear Delts

Legs 2 – Quads/Glutes/Hamstrings/Calves

5-Day Split

Push – Chest/Triceps/Shoulders

Pull – Back/Biceps/Rear Delts

Legs – Quads/Glutes/Hamstrings/Calves

Upper – Push + Pull

Lower – Quads/Glutes/Hamstrings/Calves

4-Day Split

Upper 1 – Chest/Triceps/Shoulders/ Back/Biceps/Rear Delts

Lower 1 – Quads/Glutes/Hamstrings/Calves

Upper 2 – Chest/Triceps/Shoulders/ Back/Biceps/Rear Delts

Lower 2– Quads/Glutes/Hamstrings/Calves

3-Day Split

Upper – Chest/Triceps/Shoulders/ Back/Biceps/Rear Delts

Lower – Quads/Glutes/Hamstrings/Calves

Full Body – Chest/Triceps/Shoulders/ Back/Biceps/Rear Delts/Quads/Glutes/Hamstrings/Calves

2-Day Split

Full Body 1 – All body parts, emphasis on lower body

Full Body 2– All body parts, emphasis on upper body

Take a look!

Here is what the plan will look like. It is a spreadsheet showing all of your exercises, sets x reps, weight (lbs), and RPE in separate columns for an organized and efficient way to track your progress!

(Slide 1) If you look at the bottom of the plan, you will see your day split (push, pull, leg) in separate sheets as well as a total weekly volume sheet to track your weekly progress

(Slide 2) Each sheet has notes written in them for some inside tips to maximize your results

(Slide 3) Example of what the “Total Weekly Volume” sheet looks like

(Slide 4) Some exercises have a convenient drop down menu so that you can quickly see which other workouts you can perform instead! This works great if you lack the equipment for an exercise or you simply want to look for an alternative exercise

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