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Once in a while, I get messages from fitness apparel companies asking to review their products, but I typically decline because it is usually clothes I wouldn’t personally wear or overall unaesthetic. However, the products from borntough.com are on another level of athleisure. They have a wide variety of clothing and accessories, and on top of that, they focus on minimalism, performance, and comfort; everything that I look for in activewear.

In a couple of days, I will receive the Born Tough Air Pro™ 2 in 1 Men 5″ Cargo Liner Shorts White Camo to try out and share my experience, which I will post on my website and Instagram. I am pumped to try out their products and let y’all know about it! Stay tuned.

As you may recall, this will be my second time trying out apparel from this company so I have high expectations!

Check out borntough.com and their sister company elitesports.com.

Workout Clothes

BJJ Gi’s


Born Tough Air Pro™ 2 in 1 Men 5″ Cargo Liner Shorts White Camo

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