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This is the official product review from the clothing/accessories I received from and their sister company Special thanks to them for sending me their products, now let’s get to the review.


Born Tough Air Pro Sleeveless Bodybuilding t-shirt

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Very comfortbale/breatheable, nice fit (Male, 175lbs, 5’8″, M), and overall aesthetic. This top is an easy pick for those trying to show off those gains while looking good at gym. To keep it short, I’ll be ordering more of these. 💪🏼”

Item description:

The sleeveless member of our momentum series, the tee shirt is made from our signature double cotton blend. The tee shirt is extremely soft with flatlock seams for maximum comfort. The tee shirt provides 4-way stretchability and is perfect for working out in winter/fall owing to its targeted insulation. We have added highly reflective printing to the front and back making the shirt (and you) visible at night-time.

Born Tough Dip Belt

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“This is a great dip belt for those trying to up their training. The belt itself is durable around the waist and has a very snug feel (almost like a squat belt). The material and chain is high quality, so I am assured it can carry some serious weight without breaking. And of course, it just looks nice overall.”

Item description:

1- STRONG INNER PADDING: Constructed from the highest quality neoprene dip belt weight lifting belt men for strength and durability! With heavy inner padding to ensure that this Dipping Belt can withstand heavy weights 2- 36” EXTRA LONG ADJUSTABLE STEEL CHAIN: Hawk dipping belts can be used for a variety of exercises to increase the resistance of the user which allows for extreme muscle-building, whether it’s pull-ups belt or dips belt our powerlifting belt will surely be able to allow for better workouts workout belt 3- MESH LINED FOR DURABILITY: We have come up with the unique design for this unisex Dipping Belt, we wanted a solid and long-lasting Dip belt hence we made the Dipping belt from extra-thick heavy-duty neoprene making sure it can withstand heavy weights and high impacts without falling apart like other dip belts 4- CAN HOLD UPTO 300LBS: The Dipping Belt can stand up to the stress caused by holding extremely heavyweights. The Dipping Belt has been fully tested by a wide range of athletes and is also proving extremely popular in commercial gym surrounds where there are high usage and stress on the pull-up bar belt, weightlifting belt for men.

Go get you some of their products, they’re really killing the game!

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