Helpful Apps To Download for Fitness and Nutrition

With thousands of fitness and nutrition apps out there, it’s hard to really find those that are worth it and actually helpful. Today, I’ll give a list of the apps that have personally helped me – and currently use – throughout my journey and that might help you as well.

MyFitnessPal | Free

If you ever ask me what is the #1 best app to use regarding fitness and nutrition I’d tell you MyFitnessPal. This app has been a tremendous amount of help in my journey as it’s helped me keep track of the foods I eat, estimate my calorie intake, and estimate my nutrient intake; and top of that, it’s FREE! Definitely recommend it if you want to develop a healthy relationship with food and become more aware of what you’re eating; and overall create some structure with your diet. Available on IOS and Android

For more information; click here

Gymshark | Free

The Gymshark app is a Gym Workout Planner that helps you structure your workouts and track your progress, making it a very helpful tool when creating your own workout program. In addition, they have plans already made for you to follow; along with videos and a description explaining how to perform certain exercises. This makes a great digital workout diary and definitely makes training a lot easier. I personally use it to structure my workouts as well as my client’s; and on top of all of that it’s also FREE! Unfortunately, it’s only available for IOS.

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Nike Run Club | Free

The Nike Run Club app is very helpful for those looking to track their runs. This helpful app can track the distance you run, estimated calories burned, the time length of your run, mile splits, and much more. Definitely recommended for runners especially! Available for both IOS and Android.

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Activity App | Free

The Activity App is an app that essentially tracks your activity throughout your day. This app is very helpful for those, like myself, who wish to track their workouts and around how many calories they’re burning throughout the day. I personally use this app to calculate my calories and overall helps me get a better understanding as to how calories are burned throughout the day. The best of all is that the app is completely free! However, the Activity App is only exclusive for Apple Watch users.

For more information; click here.

YouTube | Free

This might’ve gone over your head, but YouTube can be a great tool for finding information about anything; especially fitness and nutrition! I’ve personally used YouTube to learn a lot about what I know now in regards to fitness and nutrition, its all about finding credible channels and knowing what you’re looking for. You can check out my other blog where I include some ethical YouTube channels that provide great information!

What are some apps that you personally use or have helped you with your understanding in fitness and nutrition?

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